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Visiting a site like Etsy provides you with many choices in handmade items. With each click there are so many things to ohhhh and ahhhh over. To wonder how they did that...  evoke memories from your childhood... inspire you to learn a new art.  Each and every handmade item began with an idea.  The final product that you see may involve hours, days or weeks to create because the finished creation is more then the result.

The idea may have hit that person while taking a walk, kept them awake because they were so excited to create, or began as an experiment with new materials. Shopping for the "just right" materials or sorting through their own coveted stash to create a very special creation. Spending hours to get the exact beading pattern, color combination, stitches placed just right, putting together and taking apart. So when you see something that was hand created, by the person with the idea, take a moment and consider all of the facets of the result.

Ideas are valuable to the artist and crafts person. Ideas are the "gold" they keep in their safety deposit box. It may be easy to say, "oh I can make that" when you see something on Etsy or at an art fair, but how easy would it have been to make if you hadn't come across someone else's "gold." The ideas that are being "borrowed" by mass producers is taking the livelihood away from artists and crafters. Their profit margins have been challenged because the consumer can now find that same item for half the price and no heart.

Handmade is subtle differences. It is knowing that a person came up with an idea and then they sat and created the item you hold in your hands. It wasn't stamped out from dies and molds. It didn't travel down an assembly line being put together by underpaid workers. It didn't get packaged up without any thought about you the purchaser. Handmade has a face and a set of hands.

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samsstuff said...

Excellent thoughts, I'm glad you posted this. Handmade is so much more than mass produced

hoganfe said...

Fantastic post Rose! I agree my holiday shopping will be handmade or vintage this year. Your calendar is stunning & a wonderful gift idea. Thank you for adding my foxes!

Emily Spada said...

This is a great post! Part of the reason I love getting Etsy sales is because of what you've said here.

sherry said...

I think about this a lot, Rose. It's why I sell in lots of places besides etsy. I want people to know my brand is handmade. All of it, by me.

I don't begrudge anyone making a living. I take issue, same as you, though when the large corporations start pretending they are connecting the maker and the customer.

Waterrose said...

Thanks Sherry. Yes I'm selling outside of etsy as well. But in boutiques here and in colorado. Plus I'm still sending out a postcard mailer once a year and getting a good response from that.

Abby / Linda said...

You are so right--handmade and handcrafted are the best!

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