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Well I am very frustrated with my iPhone and had to write a letter to Steve

Dear Steve Jobs,

I love Apple products. I have been a loyal Apple user since the Lisa. With that said my iPhone is driving me crazy! I live in the Phoenix metro area and I expect with a city of this size to have very few connectivity issues. I travel throughout the city for business and I am frustrated at the number of times that I have no cell phone access or internet access on the E network. Steve, you have to do something about this. AT&T has to do something about coverage. Where I live, I get one bar and in many cases, I need to be in just the right location in my home to get my iPhone to work.

We also off-road and were in Ruidoso, New Mexico recently, yes a small town, kind of, but we actually stayed in the city, in a cabin and just by accident I found one little corner of the cabin that allowed me cell phone access and sometimes I was even able to get my email. How about that! I don't expect to actually get good coverage when we are in the middle of the desert…an arroyo…or at 13,000 ft in snow, but many of my friends do with their phones and service provider. I shudder to think that we may have an emergency and have this wonderful piece of technology that won't be able to get help to us. (Hence a CB) Oh, and since we are on this topic…could you unlock the GPS?

Maybe AT&T should come up with a plan that I only pay for my service when I can actually access it? I'm sure my bill would be reduced by at least a third and that is being conservative!

Steve I can't tell people how wonderful the iPhone is. I can't suggest that they make the switch to the iPhone, since AT&T service coverage is non-existent! I love your ginchy iPhone, but I may have to switch back to a Blackberry….

…now I'm waiting for a reply

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Sandee said...

Bwahahahahahaha. Yep, don't hold your breath for a reply. :)

woolies said...

HA! Let us know if he writes back, OK?

Danny said...

Things would be so much better if they'd just let us control it, don't you think?
Laughing about it is the safest way to go.

Anonymous said...

I will never own an iPhone as long as they're only usable with AT&T service. AT&T has the absolute worst service in the industry in my opinion. They have more dead zones than a cemetery!
I know quite a few people that have given up their iPhones all ready due to the service.
Sorry, that probably didn't make you feel any better, but I like your letter! :-D

Anonymous said...

What a pity, isn't it? What is the use of a tech savvy piece unless it can be used without hassle.

I just terminated a so called "The largest network coverage in Malaysia" 3G & HSPDA provider. I spent half a day waiting for a page load.

I thot this only happened in our country.

picciolo said...

hehe, goodluck with your reply, how frustrating to have such a great gagdet and have limited use of it
: )

Unknown said...

You go girl! I was wanting an iphone. I guess my crackberry will have to do!

Anonymous said...

We had the same experience, but with T-Mobile. I bought my dh a Sidekick when they first came out, and we had to return it within two days. It worked in exactly two places.

He has an iPhone now and loves it--no troubles with AT&T here in Silicon Valley or back in DC. He bought it when he was interviewing, and even used it in London, England, with no troubles. Sorry to hear you're having troubles :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment - I love your blog! I think we're a little similar in our writing "voices":) I really enjoyed the read - Thanks again!

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