Artist Series - Glisten by Erin

When did you become interested in art and did you choose art, or did it choose you?

I became interested in art at a very early age. It was always my favorite class in school, and my Mother enrolled me in summer art programs at a local university. By High School, I was in Yearbook class and took as many Art classes as they would allow me to. Art definitely chose me. No matter where I go in life, or how busy I am, I can always find that creative part of myself that is sometimes forced into hiding because of other priorities. I was also always surrounded by creative family members. My brother was an outstanding artist, and my Mom, an ex school teacher, could draw just about anything.

What do you like best about creating?

I think the biggest thing that prompts me to create is the control it gives me. Creating starts with an idea, and the fact that I get to plan out and attack that idea gives me great pleasure. I, along with the creative mind of my husband, practically handmade our wedding. It's awesome to be able to look back at that special day and know that we created many of the details.

What prompted you to open Glisten by Erin on Etsy?

I was a full time nurse on maternity leave when I stumbled upon Etsy. I know my husband still thinks I'm crazy. I pretty much said to him one day, out of the clear blue, "Hey! Check out this cool website called Etsy... I think I'm going to open up a shop on it!" I discovered Etsy by accident, and immediately felt cheated. How did this amazing land of wonderful handmade treasures exist so long without my knowledge? I looked at it and knew I needed to be a part of it.

What feature about Etsy do you like best?

Treasury. Period. It's genius to come up with an area of the website where they give artists their own blank canvas' to compile selections of there favorite items made by fellow shop holders. I love to make treasuries and I love to look at treasuries. It's become an addiction and I think my husband is starting to get jealous.

You get to spend one weekend each with three historical figures, an artist, a writer and one of your choice. Who are they and what will you talk about or do?

Claude Monet - I had two prints of his paintings in my room as a child. Girl With A Watering Can and Ballet Rehearsal. I would spend time just staring at the brush strokes. I would want to do nothing but watch him paint.

Harper Lee - To Kill A Mockingbird was my favorite High School read. I think if you can capture the attention of a bored student, your writing skills are outstanding.

Ludwig Van Beethoven - One thing I have been doing since I was 5 years old is playing the piano. Moonlight Sonata is THE song that inspired me to learn. His music is magical to me. I would not want him to hear me play... I think I'd leave the playing to him.

How has the popularity of the Internet affected your work?

The internet has allowed people all over the world to view my work. I get so thrilled when someone out of the U.S. hearts my shop!

Have you discovered any new technique to creating your work that you can share? How do you overcome artist block?

Not really. I don't even use the same technique every time. I do quite a bit of experimenting until I'm pleased with the outcome. I haven't suffered from artist block yet, or at least I haven't allowed myself to. When I feel the urge to make a pair of earrings, I sit down and play around with beads until I'm happy with what I see. If I find myself getting frustrated or starting over a lot, then I just walk away.

If I walked into your studio this moment what would you show me first? What would you want to hide?

Well, I don't have a studio... my studio is my coffee table and a basket of supplies that I get out between loads of laundry and during my 6 month old's naps. What would I want to hide? The

dog hair.

Describe something that comes up in your work because of a life experience?

My 9 year old definitely influences the names of my earrings. She'll say, "That bead looks like an apple", so sometimes it's just as simple as that. Just having children can help accelerate my creativity at times. If I take a minute to look at the world through their eyes, things become more colorful and fun.

Here’s $250 dollars, spend as much or as little as you like on Etsy.

Ok, so I went a little over, but I had to add the chocolate at the end! Also, I just want you to know, this question caused me to lose sleep:)

Beau & Stella

To Hold

My Lola Fashions


Have It Confections

Describe what you do or who you are in a haiku

Mommy makes earrings

Healing nurse loves to give hope

Husband kids my strength

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

I live in a small town, I have a wonderful husband and two gorgeous daughters, two dogs, and my "real" job is being a nurse. I love music, photography, and creating, however sometimes those things don't get enough attention from me. I hope to start adding some of my photographs to my store sometime soon!

Thank you for allowing me to do this interview. I enjoy everything about Etsy! It makes the process of opening and maintaining a shop so easy. I have met a lot of wonderful artists on Etsy. The atmosphere is very friendly and giving.

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MAB Jewelry said...

What a bright and wonderful feature. Lovely jewelry, and beautiful babies.

M.M.E. said...

What a great interview! Her work is just gorgeous! I love your question about what would she hide if you came to her studio.

Anonymous said...

Terrific to meet this wonderful seller & see her lovely shop!
Erin's daughters are too sweet!

hoganfe handmade
handbag originals

Michelle said...

This is a fantastic interview Rose,
you really know how to do them,
thanks very much for sharing!!!

Edna / HandmadeDiva said...

Beautiful jewelry.

Anja Rieger Design said...

Awesome - just took a look at her etsy shop and it´s really, really a pitty that there is just shipment within the US..... Erin: Could you add "Europe" to your shipping destinations? That would be great!

Tracy said...

Awesome jewelry artist!

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