Artisan Gallery Team -- September Collection

Sarah John Afana


Kathi Roussel



Joe Papendick

Happy Huismus

9 reviews:

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

It's a classy selection of warm fall-inspiring creations you have collected here, Rose! I'm honoured to be included--thank you!

kathiroussel said...

rose-- it's a splendid range of work--each offering a beautiful view of the unique work that this team has to offer. thanks so much-- i'm delighted to be a part of your feature!!

Anonymous said...

lovely collection!

Huismus said...

Ohlala, this is one fine list of handmade beauty!
Thanks a lot for having me here, I'm delighted!

Groet, Simone

samsstuff said...

Beautiful collection!

Kim's Crafty Apple said...

this is just stunning! WOW!

woolies said...

Magnificent work, each one. Wow.

Sherry said...

Just beautiful chocies, Rose. so proud to be part of such wonder.

Sarah John Afana said...

Excellent collection of finds-very stylish!

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