Valley of the Gods Snowy

Our route home from Moab took us through the Valley of the Gods. It is beautiful and aptly named. I was so happy to see it snow covered.

Amazing that it looks so far away, but the monuments are huge!

I love the color contrasts in the rocks, the spires.

A view from the windshield

Incredible rock formations

This one makes me think of a science fiction story

Beautiful red rocks, snow and blue background

Ok, these remind me of elephant feet...

And, back to civilization...I think a sign is missing...
(click on the photos for a large view)

4 reviews:

Jane Carlstrom aka Glorious Hats said...

Thanks Rose for sharing that breathtaking beauty. Jane

Vixen said...

It is so beautiful there. I love it in the snow.

niftyknits said...

so very unlike my quiet corner of the UK!

KClark Photography said...

I've never seen any snow photographs from there--lovely. Thanks for sharing.


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