Mrs. Mette Making Flowers

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Family of Mrs. Mette making flowers in a very dirty tenement.

301 Mott St.

Josephine, 13 yrs. old, helps out side school hours until 9pm, sometimes. She is soon to be 14 and expects to go to work in an embroidery factory. Says she worked in that factory all last summer. Nicholas, 6yrs, and Johnnie 8, they work some. So does Rosie 11 yrs old, (not in photo) who has been sick a good deal. All together earn only 40 - 50 cents a day. Baby (20 months old) plays with the flowers, and they expect he can help a little before long. The father drives a coach (hack) irregularly. New York, NY.

Photo and caption by Lewis Wickes Hine.

3 reviews:

Sherry said...

I just adore photos like this. I enlarged it because I love to study the detail, from the bells on the door to the fabric trim on the cabinet.

Thanks for sharing this.


BlackStar said...

Cool photo Rose! Imagine washing those long dresses, along with everyone else's clothes in that sink with that washboard!

Alterity Button Jewelry said...

Love pics like this. Makes me appreciate what first wave of immigrants went through so we could have a better life here in America. I, too, love studying the detail...all the way down to the holes in the table cloth. I would love to see more pics like this, girl!

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