Arm and Hammer Fridge Fresh

I love these!

It's so much handier then putting an opened box of Arm & Hammer baking soda in the fridge. Since I seem to always knock over the box and then have to clean up the mess. There is a suction cup on the back and you can attach the product to the side of the inside of the fridge. I also like that there's an indicator that reminds you when to change them. The Fridge Fresh really does absorb any odor's and helps keep food fresh. Sometimes they are difficult to find. In one grocery story I find them with baking supplies, in another I find them with the household deodorizers. They generally last two months in my fridge and cost about $2 each. So if you happen to see them in your local grocery store try it out!

3 reviews:

missknits said...

i love them too! i just found about them last month! so much handier i agree!! and out of the way! amazing they hadnt come up with it sooner!

PussDaddy said...

I haven't seen those yet.


Claudia Lawrence said...

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