Did you guess Ouray Colorado?

It's amazing to me that someone actually stopped by my blog, almost as soon as I posted it, and guessed correctly on where I was headed to for vacation! You certainly made me laugh Wakegrace. And, it was great to know that people looked back through my blog to see if they could figure out the destination.

We did go to Ouray, Colorado for a "LOT" of off-roading and other fun. The picture of the huge building tumbling down (an old mining camp) was on the way to Imogene Pass, which reaches a height of 12,500 feet. (last summer there was snow on the ground, I got out to take a picture, and got zapped by a mild lighting strike --I didn't get out this time!).

The preceding photo is a photo of the ghost city of Carson on the Continental Divide. It is the newer city of Carson which was in existence between 1898 and 1903. There is an older city as well
, but we didn't have time to go further. I have a lot more pictures to share and I will try to control myself on the number that I post here. I think I will have to put up a flickr link, since I took around 3,000 pictures! The wildflowers were out, there was snow, and incredible views from 14,000 feet up above Telluride!

And, now for the winner, chosen by the list randomizer:

Congratulations to WakeGrace!
Wake, come visit my etsy shop, link is in the upper right, convo me and let me know your size and preferred colors.

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