Advertising Rates and Information

Advertising Rate:

Feature Package


Ad: Only two of these spots available per month; above the fold
Feature, interview, or giveaway story
Twitter Promotion 7 tweets per week
Facebook Promotion 1x per month

Shared Package





Feature story shared with up to 2 other advertisers
Twitter Promotion 4 tweets per week

Mini Rotator Package




Twitter Promotion 3 tweet per week

Ads begin on any Monday of the month and will run 30 days. You will receive a blog performance report and a report that shows when your link was tweeted and when the Facebook promo ran. If you have measures set in place for your site/shop you will be able to compare this information to site activity.

The twitter promotion will enhance your own advertising efforts. Or, if you don’t use twitter it will provide you with another avenue of advertising. My efforts will save you time and give you an extra helping hand to promote your business. I currently have 3,700 followers and that number increases daily.

I have just redesigned my blog and have begun promoting it very heavily. Prior to this redesign I averaged 130 visits per day to my blog. I now have a Page Rank of 4 with Google. 

If you would like further information please contact me at


Advertising Reviews:

RCTEES:  Having an online shop and seeing others sell much more than I do on a daily basis, with very comparable merchandise made me wonder, “Why are these shops selling more than I am“?

The answer is really simple, they have more traffic therefore they get more sales.

 How DO I direct more traffic to my shop? 

Having a full time job limits my time. I don’t have a blog or newsletter, but will attempt one this summer. I do Twitter and Facebook when I can. My shop is on Etsy so I network as much as time allows within Etsy.
After some in-depth investigating I realized that I have to advertise OFF Etsy to generate the traffic I need and that blogs would be the best place to do this.

 I look first at the content of the blog, then I decide if I think my style of merchandise is something that would appeal to the blog followers. Next I see how active the blog is. Is it up to date? I check the comments and see how active the followers are, and then I look to see how many followers the blog has. If I think we’re a fit I contact the blog owner and we go from there.

I found Rose in an Etsy forum thread and was instantly attracted to what she had to say about blogs and advertising. Timing was perfect as my time was expiring on the blog I was presently on and I was looking for the next one. Rose had some great advice so I decided to try advertising on her blog for a month and just see what happened. Even though Rose doesn’t have a large number of followers, it is growing and she is consistent in getting you “out there”. There is one particular incidence where I had just listed a tee, she tweeted it and it sold instantly. Over the month my views have been up and my sales are starting to pick up.

 For the money spent and the exposure I’ve gotten, I would definitely say it was worth it. I also feel like I’ve made a great friend in the process. So it’s been a win, win situation and I will be back!!
Thanks Rose!!


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