DIY 2014 Linen Calendar Peonies

2014 Peony DIY Calendar
A lovely bouquet of peonies and bachelor buttons ready to hand embroider. The simplest of embroidery stitches make up this calendar so it is easy for the beginner and satisfying for the more skilled.

This kit includes the linen panel with the design printed and easy to follow embroidery lines. Embroidery thread in colors shown. One of a kind enameled buttons, that I have created, to use to hang calendar, or embellish.

Get started on your 2014 gifts this summer...a perfect carry along project!  Or, do you know someone who loves to do embroidery...a great gift for the DIY person.

My newest DIY calendar kit is now available in my Etsy shop.

10 reviews:

Unknown said...

Wow! These are lovely :D

Waterrose said...

Thank you! Have a great weekend!

Mahnoor Shah said...

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