Cloisonne Wires and Enamel

Here's the cloisonne after the first coat. I've been told that it's going to look great when I get done with it. I'm not so sure. I worked with colors that I don't usually choose. But I wanted colors that had good contrast so that I could see how it all works.

As you can see my wires shifted a bit during the first firing and then I had to fire them a second time since a couple of them were not seated in the glass.  My last class is tonight and I'm hoping I can get the glass filled to the top of the wires. I'm going to pack some enamel on before I get to class so that I can fire immediately and then hopefully get another coat on during class. It's a big piece and I should have listened to the instructor on how long it takes to cover a piece this size... 

3 reviews:

Three Sheep Studio said...

It is very interesting to see how you are progressing.
Even with the things you are learning and wanting to change - this is a lovely piece !
Keep going....just think where you will be next year at this time !!

PussDaddy said...

I think it's pretty.


Waterrose said...

thanks so much for your encouragement and's definitely appreciated right now! :)

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