It's Good To See You Again...

I feel a breeze and cool, moist air. It’s the freshest air I have ever breathed. As I take a step forward I hear the mechanical sound of a lock turning closed behind me. I turn around and can feel a wall, but as I run my hand across the surface I find no handle. There is very little light here and I cannot make out what has happened to the door I just walked through. I try to calm the thoughts going through my mind. How will I return?

Where am I? What is that sound creeping in? It is dark here, but the moon casts enough light so that I can see that I’m standing on a sandy, dirt path. Since I cannot go back I decide to follow the path. As I walk the sound gets louder. It is a familiar sound, but one that I have only heard from recordings. Peaceful and powerful. As I pass a huge outcropping of rocks I can see the moonlight glittering on a huge mass of water. It is turbulent and is rushing towards me, just as I take a step back it recedes. I hear the voices from the tunnels. Stella and her companion. I realize they have seen me and by their tone are discussing my presence.

Stella walks over to me. She looks at me carefully and then says, with a sigh “you shouldn’t be here…you can’t go back now.” She asks, “did you follow us?” I tell her, “no, not really I was on a journey of my own but then saw you in the tunnels.” “ok,” she says. I can see her visibly relax. I won’t tell her of my possessions. She says, “come and wait with us, there is no where else to go and we can’t leave you here.” I think about everything she has said to me and now realize that I am worried. I can’t go back and I can’t stay here…what exactly does that mean? Where are we going?

As I follow Stella I catch a glimpse of a shadowy figure in the rocks to my left. The shadowy figure reaches out to me and I feel a finger touch my cheek. I gasp and Stella stops and asks me what is wrong. I tell her and her face shows panic. She takes my hand and pulls me along quickly. We finally reach the person that I saw her with in the tunnels. Once again I do not recognize him, but he says to me…”hello Sarah, it’s good to see you again.”

Key Triangulation
He Whispered-Chapter One
We Must Be On Time-Chapter Two

2 reviews:

mermaiden said...

how peacefully haunting...

Unknown said...

Um...my heart is racing.

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