Cloisonne Last Step, Maybe

Well this may be the last step, or I may decide to put it back in the kiln and make it shiny. Oh, by the way I got a kiln for Christmas! D found a Paragon on craigs list that was in really good condition, less then a year old and half the price. Yay! He is so good at finding great things at great prices.

After looking at the photos you can see where granules of other colors of enamel made their way into the wrong color sections. And, where in some of the tighter areas I didn't get enamel in at all. Darn.

But it's my first piece and was definitely a learning experience. The camera found all of the flaws. Which  makes me think taking a picture between layers might be a good idea so that I know where I need to make corrections...I do have a pair of magnifying jewelers glasses...maybe I need a stronger pair? (click on a photo to see the detail)

This piece is now completely matte finish and is very smooth. The texture feels like well worn sea-glass. The wires that outline the design are copper and will get darker and patina over time. It will be interesting to see how this changes the look of the piece. If it happens anytime soon I'll show it to you again. Here it is before I sanded down the wires and enamel, cloisonne rose.

This last shot is the back. Since I forgot to take photos of it for my other posts I thought you might want to see what the counter enamel looks like...kinda like denim.

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Pink said...

I wouldn't have noticed the specks if you didn't point them out! Looks very good for a first piece.

Waterrose said...

Thanks! LOL....yes I just wanted anyone who noticed to realize I knew they were there.

Three Sheep Studio said...

This is very pretty.
I am curious as to how big this piece is ? I cannot tell from the pictures.
It lovely !

Waterrose said...

Thanks! It's pretty big, 2" inches across.

Rough Magic Mollie said...

Specks! What specks? It's gorgeous Rose! And what fun that you got a kiln! Looking forward to more ... :)

Waterrose said...

Mollie thanks! and yes lots of fun!

Wendy said...

Wow! This is incredible!

Waterrose said...

Thanks wendy!

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