Beginner Cloisonne and Enameling

If you've been reading my blog you know that I began taking metal classes this year...can't believe this year is almost over! During many of my classes there would be someone in the class working on enamel and/or cloisonne. As I watched I thought, oh I don't think I'm interested in doing that. Fast forward to about July and I saw a piece of cloisonne that knocked my socks off. My plan was to begin taking enameling class in January 2013. But the class I was going to take was canceled, so I'm flexible and began enameling class sooner then I expected. I have learned a lot of techniques and these are just a few.

 Stamping on enamel
Just enamel with some beginner issues, but that I think added interest
 Another stamped enamel that I wasn't sure would turn out ok, but looks like antique paper in glass.

Finally I got to the cloisonne....
Enamel goes on the front and you fire, then the counter coat goes on the back and you fire. Then you sand down the front coat to as thin of a layer as possible. The topcoat layer is what holds the metal strips in place. You create a design and lay out your metal strips. I'm working on copper. If I mess this up it's not a big investment in comparison to silver.

 As you can tell this is my first attempt and I will build the color up layer by layer beginning this week. I only have two more classes left so I'm not sure I will be able to finish it. I can't even tell you how intense it is to get the wire strips bent to fit and stay in place until they are fired... Now if I just happen to get a kiln I'll be able to make these pieces at my embroidery!

Keep watching...I'll show you this piece as I add matter how it turns out.  And, thanks to Jewel Clark for her patience and fabulous instruction!

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samsstuff said...

Looks like fun! This is something I was never sure I wanted to try either, but it looks like it could be interesting to try.

Waterrose said...

if you are unsure, just take a look at the book "the art of enameling" by Linda Darry....amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love this and will look forward to your updates!

Amalia K said...

These are all beautifully done! It's always so fun to never know how they will turn out. :)

Waterrose said...

Thanks Amalia...yes they are like taking a Polaroid photo...when you take them out of the kiln they change before your eyes!

Daniel said...

Nice art. Cloisonne always look like a beautiful art. I love this art. I have also seen this art on

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