Slow Creating

As I've been creating lately I've pondered the materials that I use. For 20 plus years I've been collecting fabrics, trims, odds and ends that I'm attracted to. Lately as I search through my collection I've been thinking about who owned these treasures before me. Just like me I'm sure there was an "idea" and purpose for them originally.

Recently I found several yards of the linen that you see in this pillow. Who bought this much linen and what were their plans? How old is this piece? The selvedge states that it was made in England and is preshrunk. It's the color of green that was popular in the late 70s. Perhaps curtains? Table cloth? Did it travel with a family that moved to the area? How many hands has this piece of fabric passed through?

Crochet Yoke and Pink Flowered Linen

Then there is the 6 yard piece of dark wool that I found at goodwill.  I imagine it was meant to be a suit...for a woman or a man?  A man I think, since it's very dark with a pinstripe.

What about all of the crochet doily's and linens I have collected. Boxes and boxes of them. Women were very prolific in the production of these items that decorated their homes. I keep wondering if there will ever be a time when they are difficult to find. I bet their creators never imagined that these pieces would be turned into clothing or used as textile art.

Crochet trim, Button, Beads

It's all about the history of these items and how slowly they have moved through time to become something completely different then initially intended.  Not only time but places. I have some Laura Ashley fabric from the early 80s that was purchased for me by someone who was traveling through England and knew I would love this fabric. I still haven't cut it. When I see and touch that fabric I think about the person who bought it for me. How can I cut something like that? Perhaps I'll make a quilt with this fabric so that I can see it and touch it to evoke the memories of another time. If I make that quilt, or if I leave that fabric untouched as that fabric passes through time no one will ever know the emotional value of that piece of fabric.
Barkcloth and Button

However, as time marches on all of these materials wind their way to other places and time to become creations made by new hands. They are sometimes used alone or combined with other "finds." So the coming together of all of these pieces is definitely "slow creating."

Fabric, Glove and Lace slow materials
What have you made lately from materials that have found their way to you?

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samsstuff said...

Many of the things that I make are made from vintage & found items. Like you, when I'm making them, I think of the time period they came from, the person that owned them, what their plans were or where they went when wearing the item. Lately, I've found some great vintage things that I want to leave as is, to preserve the story behind the item.

Waterrose said...

Thanks for sharing. I also have some pieces that will remain as they are. My only hope is that the next person cherishes these items as much as I do...

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Beautiful works, love the lace and softness.
-Eva Maria

Kim @ just B you said...

Beautiful! I really like the last pic of the gorgeous glove.
New follower from The Etsy Revolution team

M.Kate said...

that dress is amazing, everything else is so pretty. Wishing you a happy week ;))

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