Book Review: Under the Dome

A lot of characters to follow and hardly any disappear early in the book, so you need to keep up with just about all of them. King follows one of his usual themes but I won't give that away, but it did make me rethink ants. The common thread is Halloween and I'm not sure why. The theme could have revolved around Easter, may day, or any other holiday since I saw no relationship to the holiday and the story, other then providing a red herring.

It certainly put a microscope on small town life in an exaggerated way. Everyone thinking they know everyone else and how they will react in bad circumstances, but they really don't. A lot of strong women in this book and corrupt, powerful men. Hits upon a lot of current social topics in a not so thought provoking way, but does remind you that they exist. Also some comic relief from the dog. Actually I wish he had come in with the dog earlier, since it was funny reading.

This isn't my favorite King book, but I don't feel that I wasted my time reading it either. It is a huge volume, about 1100 pages.

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alexkeller said...

haven't read this one.
i'm sort of excited about the dark towers becoming a movie

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