Mysterioius Explorations of Jasper Morello

I watched this a few weeks ago and I think this is what got me thinking about doing the embroidery of the Steam Engine man and to create an "invention series" of embroidery.

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janet said...

OMG...don't you just love how creative people can be. This was amazing and I thank you for sharing it. My son is a videographer/photographer for NBC and I will share this with him...he will love it.
Have a lovely day and I look forward to your Steam Engine creations.

Janet xox

mermaiden said...

your invention series is such a fabulous idea- i just love it!

Waterrose said...

Yes, I loved this video the entire atmosphere is mesmerizing.

Janet I'd love to know what your son thought of it.

tattytiara said...

"Invention series" - how can you not like the sound of that? Go for it!

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