CT Publishing and Lark Publishing Blog Features

Great News!

In October I was featured on the CT Publishing and the Lark Publishing Blog.

I meant to announce this sooner on my blog, but I've been creating a new line of cuffs and I can barely keep them in my I've been busy! Which is a good thing...yay!

CT Publishing featured my "Social Wired" upcycled jean jacket that I hand embroidered with social networking site names, like Twitter, Google....etc.

Lark Publishing Blog featured my Snow Candy broach. Be careful when you open that's full of yummy looking creations!

Thanks so much to Marthe Le Van of Lark and Alice Edrich of CT Publishing for recognizing my creations...very exciting!

2 reviews:

samsstuff said...

That's so exciting, congratulations!

niftyknits said...

congratulations! I must go and look for your new cuffs.

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