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Ohio. That's where this friendly Etsy seller is from. You what....I say....hey Ohio is home for me and I miss it terribly! MABs tag line is No Naked Wrists. As you read this interview you will understand why. When you visit her shop....she has some lovely pieces to keep your wrists from becoming chilled....and in style! You can also find her on twitter and she is one of my favorites to chat with. She certainly makes me smile. Enjoy getting to know MAB Jewelry!

1. When did you become interested in art and did you choose art, or did it choose you?

I've never been an arts or crafts person. I did a lot of writing when I was younger, but I wasn't one to make stuff. About seven years ago, my mom decided to make herself a bracelet. Then she made me a bracelet. Then we went to the bead shop. Not long after that, everyone who knew me had a brand new bracelet. I've always loved jewelry and fashion, and I discovered my calling, I think. I am seldom happier or more content than I am when I'm sitting at my bead board with a bunch of shiny bits, putting something together.

2. You get to spend one weekend each with three historical figures, an artist, a writer and one of your choice. Who are they and what will you talk about or do?

Artist, Gustav Klimt. Writer, Walt Whitman. And Twenties flapper actress Louise Brooks. Can you imagine a champagne brunch with these three, talking about human nature and art? Oh, let's go now. I want Klimt to do my portrait!

3. How has the popularity of the Internet affected your work?Having an internet shop allows you to reach so many people. That, paired with the fact that you have such amazing access to any supply that you want from all over the world, really means that the sky is the limit in terms of what you can create. As soon as I started selling on Etsy, I began making jewelry that I never would have thought of before, just because it felt like the whole world was my market. It's liberating.

4. How do you overcome artist block?

I've been making these steampunk pieces with watch casings that are fairly new for me. They're a bit more labor intense, but I love them. I don't usually get artist's block. I always work in the evening, and sometimes I just don't make it to the beads at night. The bed is calling me. And any time I get in a rut, I order supplies. New supplies are instant inspiration.

5. If I walked into your studio this moment what would you show me first? What would you want to hide?

Heh heh. My studio is my living room floor. Everything gets packed up and put away in the hall closet every night when I'm done working. I'd want to show you the amazing new stuff I just got in the mail today from Artbeads, including these groovy Vintaj fish pendants. I would hide the poor boxes of beads up in the top of the closet that I don't even look at. Unless you might be able to use them?

6. Describe something that comes up in your work because of a life experience?
I love movies, art and vintage stuff.

I'm very visual, and I think all of that trickles down into my jewelry. Old movies, paintings, even the little antique bits that I use when I make pieces. I collect strange little vintage items because I have loved them since I was little. So much of my jewelry looks like little vintage items!

7. Here’s $250 dollars, spend as much or as little as you like on Etsy.

I have 371 listings and 1167 shops in my favorites. I could spend $250 in twelve seconds.

I really want this:

Carly Simon Record Album Purse8. Describe what you do or who you are in a haiku

Strangers on a Train
On TV, bead board full of

Bliss, cat in my lap

9. Is there anything else that you would like to share?

Can I just say how much I love Etsy? Not just because I can sell stuff there, but because I have met the most wonderful, inspirational, good hearted, funny, smart people there. Etsy and its community have truly made me a better artist. And you Rose are one of those delightful Etsy people making incredibly inspirational stuff. Thanks so much.

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Miss Val's Creations said...

These MAB Jewelry pieces are beautiful. I love the vintage feel!

kismet1990 said...

She makes beautiful things and she's lovely to chat with! :-) Love this interview! ~stephanie~

Anna said...

Great interview! Love her vintage style, too! Oh and I can relate both to the Ohio aspect (Akron area here!) and the living room "studio". I'm in the same position, though the stuff gets put away in a bamboo trunk and an end table!

mermaiden said...

A great personality really shines through in this interview! off to follow her on Twitter :D

BlackStar said...

Kitty! How nice to find you here and read a bit about you. MAB and Rose are two Etsy gems!

MAB Jewelry said...

Miss Rose, it has been a crazy week, and I'm late to the party. Thank you so much for this feature. You are as beautiful as the flower that is your name.
Hugs from MAB

Anonymous said...

Great review and interview! I like her choice of people to hang with!!!

Sherry said...

Lovely work and a really good interview. Rose, you ask the greatest questions!

PussDaddy said...

That cat looks just like my Jasper!


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