Fiesta Doodle Cuff

Hot pink, hot orange and yellow make for a festive summery cuff.

Doodles. I took them a step further...rather then drawing on paper, drawing with thread! I picked out some colors, some felt and sat down to a relaxing time of doodling. Mind freeing.

While embroidering I watched a movie. A good movie, but one that you shouldn't watch when you actually need to see. My Sisters Keeper is such a tear jerker that I was actually full-blown crying. When I cry my eyes stay blurry for a little I did have to stop embroidering until I could see clearly again..

5 reviews:

Orion Designs said...

It's a beautiful cuff -- I love that bold color combination!

Diane said...

Just lovely!

MAB Jewelry said...

This is a beauty, so fresh and lovely.

picciolo said...

love the cuff, very colouful. I haven't seen that film yet, I think I'll save it for when I don't need to get any sewing done!
: )

Duni said...

The embroidery is intricate. Love it!

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