CanyonLands Off Roading Her View

Sorry for the blurry picture, there wasn't time to stop, we had to get to the real stuff!

Still not quite there yet...

Airing tires down to make the ride more comfortable and safe

From the top early in the morning. See the trails way down there? Yep, that's where we are headed!

Making our decent down a switchback

Looks like a lot of room there to make that turn right? But it's barely a one point turn! I would have been happier if we had made it a two-point turn

A view from the windshield

Awesome views all around us

Getting out for photo opportunities...just wait...

You could walk out on this natural bridge. Once again I'm being the photographer and not risking the possibility of that bridge falling down

While I waited for people to walk across the bridge I saw this lizard.

It may appear that we are at the bottom of the canyon, but we are only on the first level down!

There was about 12 of us on this adventure. Jeeps, Land Cruisers, and FJs.

In many places these rocks were right above where you were driving.

Getting ready for a steep ascent.

First one up.

This is the same view of an earlier post where bicyclists are going up. The rule is that vehicles make way for all other trail users --bikes, hikers.

An awesome view once we got to the top and looked over the edge

On the way down....again...

See the White Rim, you could see it all over the canyon. It's how this trail got its name

At this point we were able to "baja" through

Lovely landscape with the Colorado River

See that Finger rock? Soon we will be driving right underneath. It doesn't look like there are any roads over there...but there are. I had no clue how close we were going to get to it.

Here is the finger rock as we get closer...looks pretty close right?

Another climb...this one was a little scary for me.

Look how far away the bottom of the canyon is

This view, while a little messy is as we go right under the Finger rock. I held my breath and hoped this wasn't the moment it got tired of standing there...

Finger Rock from behind, past the danger...

The final ascent

The vehicles look like colorful ants...

Back at the top, just in time to miss the coming storm

We started this trail about 8am and got to end around 7pm. We did take our time to stop and take pictures and have lunch. We also had a trail repair of a leaky power steering hose. Luckily between everyone we had the parts to repair it. Overall this trail was not too intimidating. Some of the switchbacks took my breath away, but I just kept snapping photo's. If you aren't too afraid of heights and narrow shelf roads this is a wonderful trail to go on. The beauty of this area really helps offset any fear. My next post will be a slide show of the dramatic beauty!

10 reviews:

MGMart said...

Yay Rose, what a photos!!
Reading your story and looking at the pictures, I know my Honda CRV so wants to go there to do some off roading :)

Kreativlink said...

Wow! AMAZING! My hubby would love to drive that roads. Me not so much, but I'd enjoy the view!

niftyknits said...

fabulous pics Rose, but way way too scary for me.

Lynne said...

That is truly breath taking!

woolies said...

wow. wow. and more wow.

treasurefield said...

Wow and Ow!!! You wouldn't catch me on that bridge either! I get vertigo just looking at the heights in your photos. Looks like quite the adventure, though!

Cheryl said...

incredible! heights make me dizzy though.

Waterrose said...

it is so beautiful there that you forget about the heights.

Edna / HandmadeDiva said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photos Rose; but I think that I'd rather walk the shelf roads and the sharp curves. I know that they'd be much to scarry for me in a vehicle.

You are really enjoying yourself. You go girl.(or is that phrase obsolete by now, LOL)

Campbell Jane said...

Gorgeous photos!

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