Saguaro within a Palo Verde Tree

In my previous post I asked if you could identify what was in the Palo Verde Tree. There were actually two things. A growing Saguaro (on the left) and the spinney remains of a Saguaro (on the right). The Saguaro spines are very interesting and I never had a clue that was what made a Saguaro stand tall until I moved to Arizona. Here are the free standing remains. People turn them into walking sticks, fencing, and home decor.

If you notice the Saguaro's are fat and happy filled with water right now. (above) You can see this if you look closely and see how far apart the "V" indents are.

When there isn't enough water the "V" is closer together. (above)

Sometimes they get diseased or weak and begin collapsing. This one looks like it is taking a dive off the mountain.

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MAB Jewelry said...

They're so gorgeous, with such great character. It amazes me how different your environment looks from mine in Ohio.

Waterrose said...

It is so very different. Sometimes I'm amazed after growing up in Ohio and now living here.

alexkeller said...

i love when i see wooden sturctures built around them to keep them from falling down.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's what that was? How cool!

Cafe au lait said...

They are beautiful and yes, each one shows character. Thanks for sharing. :)

Kim's Crafty Apple said...

I wish I could hop in a box and come visit! Glad Alchemy is having a great adventure!

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