Planet Hollywood and Room Decor

During our whirlwind trip last fall we stayed a night in Las Vegas. We found the best deal at Planet Hollywood, so we stayed there. I'm not sure it was the right fit for us, so next time I think we will stay at a different place.

The room decor was interesting. I guess since it is "hollywood" then it makes sense. I wish I could have peeked in some other rooms to see who else was hanging on the walls.

Do you remember this movie?
Troop Beverly Hills

This is
Shelly Long's actual outfit!

It was actually kinda creepy to have these on each wall of our hotel room!

2 reviews:

Carrie said...

that would be a little weird... but that's hollywood for you! hope you had a fun time in vegas!

*MrsMartinez* said...

I remembered how my DH and I had early dinner at one of the restaurants inside planet hollywood! We got the gift certificates from the time we spent listening to a company which offer time sharing.

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