Four Peaks Trail Clean Up 2010

The community of off-roaders in this video have been cleaning up local trails for the past three years. Amazingly, this is the same location that was cleaned up last year and the same amount of trash was removed again. It's pretty sad that people go out into the desert and drop off their stoves, refrigerators...unwanted appliances. Other people come along and use them as targets to practice their marksmanship. Leaving behind even more trash. It becomes a waste land and is pretty embarrassing when off-roading and hiking. We generally think that our community cares about natural areas and wouldn't treat things in such a way.

Off-roaders have gotten bad press for destroying the natural habitat, but many off-roaders practice tread lightly and have a great respect for our environment. It is activities, such as this clean-up, that we hope to convey to everyone that it isn't the act of off-roading that destroys the environment, it is the lack of respect that some people have for the environment.

The local news story about this event.

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