Breast Cancer Awareness and Artists

October is not only the beginning of the fall season and changing color of leaves, but it is also the month that you will see a lot of Pink! October is national Breast Cancer awareness month. This disease has touched all of our lives in some way. Here are three ways to help lower your risk factors, information is taken from the American Cancer Society website:
  • Eat a healthy diet to help control weight, since being overweight or obese may raise breast cancer risk.
  • Get regular physical activity. The American Cancer Society recommends 30 minutes a day, 5 or more days a week. Forty-five to 60 minutes a day is even better for reducing breast cancer risk.
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you drink to no more than 1 drink per day. Alcohol is clearly linked to an increased risk of developing breast cancer.
Many artists on Etsy have joined in the fight to raise money for research, support and education regarding this disease. If you are interested in donating an item in your shop, or just donating take a look at this link for more information.

Here are a few examples of items that when sold, either all proceeds or a portion of, will benefit important cancer research, search on TeamEPE for more beautiful creations! Or, come back and visit my blog...I will be highlighting more of these giving artists!

By: Waterrose Handcrafted Obsessions
By: Green Post

By: Wild Woman Jewelry

By: Sigmosaics

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Autumnforest said...

That was a wonderful post

Sigmosaics said...

what a beautiful post Rose. You are so right in what you say ... many, if not all of us are affected by cancer in some way or other. It's a rather sad fact of life. However through Etsy Project Embrace on etsy it feels good to be a part of something that is doing good, raising money and awareness, i'm certain it will make a difference, not only in raising money but just by being there to support those that need it the most.

i am really honored that you have included my mini mosaic eggs, thank you :)
Kerrin xox

Wild Woman Jewelry said...

Rose...Thank you so much for including my earrings in this beautiful, meaningful and timely message. It really is my priviledge to participate in Etsy Project Embrace and to be counted among this generous group. To those we know and to those we do not, we are with you in spirit. Every little step is movement forward and I am truly glad to be here!

Pamela Zimmerman said...

yay! good job, hope we bring lots of attention to the cause! thanks!

Kendra Zvonik said...

Thanks for including my tags, Rose!

I lost my grandmother to breast cancer when I was 12 years old and that left a permanent impression on me. Because of Team EPE, I feel like I am doing something about it for the first time in my life! It lifts us all up to be proactive and try to make a difference. Together we can find a cure. I really truly believe that!

Thanks for doing your part to educate others about this movement. Your passion is wonderful :)

Your friend,

missknits said...

what a touching post! and so wonderful what you and all the other sellers are doing!

Stay Tuned said...

Hi, great post and features!! Thanks for talking abot etsyprojectembrace!! What a great group of people!! laura xxoo

connie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you so much for the needle turn applique tips. I will be giving them a try.

I had not heard about the etsyprojectemtrace. that is wonderful. I am in the process of making a bra (decorating) for a local auction here. The project here is through our local soroptimists club and it is Bras for the Cause. Should be a fun event.

Thanks again for visiting.

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