Turtle Expedition and Photographer

I met a wonderful couple who are "Turtle Expedition." They travel all over the world doing overland expeditions. At the Overland Expedition in Prescott Valley, Az they gave a slide show of an adventure through Russia. They were challenged to make it from the Pacific to the Atlantic...all on dirt. Of course they had to cross some streams and rivers, but they were able to make the journey. The stories they shared about the "country" people of Russia was amazing and heart warming. One of the most interesting and sad stories they told was about the "road of bones." This road runs from Magadan to Yakutsk in Siberia. It was built by political prisoners during Stalin's rule and as they worked they froze and starved to death. Since the ground is frozen it was impossible to bury the dead. The bones were broken up and used to "pave" the road. The road is 2000km long.

As I walked around taking pictures at the Overland Expo I caught a very young photographer wielding a camera with a lens that was almost as big as she was.

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niftyknits said...

oh dear - road of bones, not such a nice thought. I do think it's important we remember these things though.

Midnightcoiler said...

What a lifestyle! People who go on expeditions like this have always fascinated me. I'm dating myself here, but does anyone remember a show called Bold Journey?
That's a terrible story about the road of bones.

Margaret said...

What an interesting couple this must be! I hope they come my way sometime as I would like to see this exhibition (unlike the one I talked about this week on my blog!).

That young lady is wielding that camera like a pro despite her size! I would love to see some of her photos!

twolefthands said...

Wow, what a life! The Road of Bones is just so sad.

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