Rodeo Country Quilters --What A Find!

I found a great quilt shop yesterday! We left yesterday morning heading for Bisbee, AZ (pictures later), but didn't end up stopping there since the town was absolutely filled with people. It appeared that there was a blues festival. Well we love to drive and find fun places so we weren't necessarily disappointed. As we drove north on Route 80, passing into New Mexico, I looked over at a building and thought I saw the word "Quilt." I shouted,…"hey, I think I just saw a quilt shop." Well, DH, who is use to sudden outbursts, knew what that meant, stepped on the breaks and turned around. Yep, a quilt shop. Woo Hoo!

What a charming quilt shop and the owner, Sharon "Dianne" Smith welcomed me and told me how she came to owning a quilt shop. She has always had a passion for quilting and dreamt of owning her own quilt shop all of her life. Many quilters have that dream and it's so wonderful to come across someone whose dream has come true. First, I looked at her quilts, they were beautiful, and two that I saw were award winning.

Another quilt was her own take on a Ricky Tims pattern. She began quilting as a child in West Virginia and her grandmother was her teacher. She in turn has begun teaching her granddaughters to quilt.

Dianne told me that she loves giving classes and ladies from as far as Tucson enroll. Many of the classes that she gives she charges $5 per person, plus supplies. What a great deal! I'm sure it's fun to be in one of her classes. She carries reproduction fabrics from the 1800s through t
he 1930s and has a great selection of batiks and southwestern prints. She gets new fabric every two weeks and will be receiving a new, beautiful southwestern collection that includes turtles. There is a great selection of fabric in the shop, along with books, thread, patterns, and gift items.

If you are ever in the area (the shop is only 27 miles south of I-10), exit 5 on Rt 80. Her shop is open, Monday-Wednesday and Friday-Saturday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. And, as she says, come on in…the coffee is on!

Rodeo Country Quilters

73 Portal Rd

Rodeo, NM 88056

575 557 6833

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espionage said...

How adorable. What a find!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it fun to drive and stumble upon great finds? I traveled this weekend to a fiber festival and I was amazed at the awesome shops along the way.

I don't travel well... sitting too long isn't me :)

Carol Dean said...

Wow, as things out here in the southwest go, that's not too horribly far from me. May have to get hubby on a road trip sometime soon ;)

missknits said...

how cool! you just never know what you might find! thanks for sharing!

ESCUDERO said...

I'm rooting for you. I love Bisbee! Yaaaa Arizona. Yes, now let me get down to business. I want to nominate you for an award that I imagine that you have already won because your site is so incredible, but pls go to my site for instructions, and CONGRATULATIONS!

Lynne said...

Oh! I love finding new quilt shops! I love seeing all the different quilts and projects on display and then choosing fabrics, that's an addiction for me!

I'll be letting my mom know about your find, she passes that way a couple of times a year.

Marlaine said...

How fun it must have been to find the shop! Did you buy any fabric?

Waterrose said...

Marlaine...unfortunately I had just been to a local quilt shop on Friday, plus had received some fabric from Cicada studios...and then there's the fact that I have a whole wall unit of fabric. Then the shop owner and I began talking about Etsy, blogging and me doing this article and I ended up not buying anything. But I will go back and hopefully take a class. I still can't believe that I didn't even buy a fat quarter!

Cindy said...

That sounds like my kind of quilt shop! I'm going to make a mental note so I can remember to drop by if I'm down that way.


Anonymous said...

Rose I had so much catching up to do on your blog - you have been so busy!! I love, love, love your new website - everything about it and am in awe of the fact you created it all yourself!

Your latest cuffs too are just beautiful - they are becoming ever more intricate and the steampunk one is wonderful! Take care


picciolo said...

looks like a great shop!

Edna / HandmadeDiva said...

A wonderful quilt/quilt shop/love story. Rose, what a neat hubby; he knew to slam on the brakes, and made a U turn. Ahh, how sweet.

Edna / HandmadeDiva said...

...also, that lady in the photo looks so familiar. I wonder if she has made any appearances on quilt shows. Seems like I've seen her somewhere. So nice of you to do the story about her and her shop.

Oh my, just realized that this is a blog article from 2008. Still a good one.

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