A Lovely Award and A Lovely Blogger Maitri

The Brillante Weblog Premio
-- 2008

What a wonderful surprise when I got an email from Maitri of Magic & Moments At Dragonfly Cottage saying that she awarded me this lovely blog award. I visit Maitri's blog often and read her lovely, heartwarming posts. I don't always comment, but believe me there have been many of her posts that have struck my heart and left me thinking about things afterwards. Maitri's blog is one that you don't want to miss. Her gardens, her love of rescuing pugs, and just the warm feeling the blog evoks makes you want to come back. In that spirit, I pass this award along to the following blogs that I love to visit as well!

6 reviews:

ThePeachTree said...

How sweet are you!! I'm so honored, thank you :) :)

Beat Black said...

congrats on your award! I have to agree with you and say that the peachtree is a pretty rad blog

RunAliceRun said...

How nice for you (and me)!

woolies said...

GASP - me?????? :0)

what do I do now? Off to read more!
thank you!!!!!!!

twolefthands said...

Everything is coming up "roses" for you lately! Congratulations Rose and thank you very much for thinking of me, along with my buddy Alice!

Margins. said...

You are wonderful!

I have been in my little ol' land. But I still exist! Yes I do! Thanks for the award :D

I'll be having a blog up and running soon. I need to visit you every once in a while. It would be just crazy not to!

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