Out of this World! Winner!

My pictures are fuzzy...we were driving and it was at the last minute that I noticed that the light pole lamps appeared to be something more than just lights --I heard the music from close encounters..... They had eyes....not your normal everyday eyes....but ALIEN eyes! They lined the streets....I was taken by surprise. I wasn't in your normal American town I was in Roswell, NM.

Close Encounters music cued up...

Unbelievable pictures of aliens..

It was fun reading the comments to my "Thrill on the Hill" photo contest. You guys have great imaginations and certainly think outside of the box! Eight of you figured out what the picture was. And the out of this world winner is:

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Chucka Stone Designs said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments on Tim Russert. I was glad to get over to yours to lighten my mood! Never been to Roswell but it looks really fun :) I guess the aliens are their claim to fame and put them on the map huh? Looks like they are everywhere! Very cool!

M.Kate said...

Hi there, what a wonderful 'alien' post :D I dont mind seeing a real one, just dont whisk me up into their spacecraft to a place of no return will be fine with me.

You have a wonderful week ahead :D

hugs always

Beat Black said...

congrats to bejeweled!
i thought my alien guess was dumb but I guess it wasn't as silly as i thought, lol

that was fun :)

Morrgan said...

That last alien there is the coolest one I've seen. ;)

Congrats BeJeweled!

MFH said...

I thot this just happen in the TV show "Roswell". Apparently, they have decided to commericalize it. What a thought! Cheers to profits.

Bejeweled said...

What a fun town that would be to have lunch at and shop in. Everything alien you could think of I bet.

I am so thrilled to be your winner! Your work is just amazing!!!

Thanks again for hosting such a fun and generous giveaway!!

femputer said...

lol Love the alien with a vest!

Bonnie Story said...

Love the Alien Biker!! He's sexy!!!

Octavine Illustration said...

yeah new mexico!~

woolies said...

rats. I wanted to win.
I'm a sore loser.

anajz said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I found it on an advert at Prairie Dreams...your icon was very inviting.
Isn't Roswell a hoot? We traveled through there a couple of years back, when we visit Carlsbad. That was such a fun trip, one which I would like to repeat someday soon.

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