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As all of you are aware I began an Embroidery tutorial with promises of continuing. Just like everyone else there are so many things that I want to do and so little time. But, never fear I have found a website, and with the authors permission I am providing a link in this post and then in a permanent position in the right column that gives you excellent instructions on many embroidery stitches.

Mary Corbet's Needle 'N Thread website is just the ticket to learning embroidery stitches from basic to complicated. Mary's videos are clear and concise. She divides the tutorials into these sections:

  • Line Stitches and Bands
  • Chain, Fly, and Buttonhole Stitches
  • Detached Stitches and Knots
  • Filling Stitches
  • Miscellaneous Embroidery Techniques
As an added bonus she also has patterns and links to other embroidery information. You'll want to bookmark her website so that you can go back to watch and learn each stitch. Have fun and I would love to see all of your beautiful creations!

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Rosebud Collection said...

What a great blog..It is always nice to see how things are done and all the different stitches in embroidery.
What a beautiful art embroidery is..Thanks.

lindsey said...

thanks for stopping by, waterrose! you make the most gorgeous cuffs, your embroidery is incredible!

Julia said...

You're so generous :) Excellent! Thank you for posting this site, I'll be using it as a refence!

espionage said...

I understand! I keep on thinking I am going to have time to at least make more things for my Etsy shop- oh, well. Life is life and we can only hope that what we actually do is beautiful and touches people.

Malaysian Fabric Heritage said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful site on "Embroidery Tutorials". It is a good act of kindness on your part. God bless always!

Margins. said...

I love that you supply us with such great information!

Post Script: Tag, you're it!

Tagged you in my little ol' blog. Come, and see what I mean.

espionage said...

I double-tagged you because I have so few blogger friends! (That doesn't necessarily mean you have to list 14 things... unless you want!) Now off to double-tag a few more people!

Waterrose said... guys! 3 tags in one day! I will do this next week....stay tuned!

Octavine Illustration said...

have a wonderful trip in new mexico (saw it on espionage's blog). you know i'm from there and miss it most terribly. please enjoy the sunshine, mountains and blue skies for me!~

oh, and thanks for the embroidery tutorial...something i used to do all the time and definitely need to start again!~

A Fanciful Twist said...

Embroidery is just wonderful!!! I love to admire it. And that wedding cuff you made is beautiful! On the weather front, we have snow in Mt. Lemmon.(Tucson) Insane weather :) Happy Saturday!!

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