Last night

Last night I was looking at a book that I picked up at Hospice of the Valley Thrift shop in Phoenix. The book was written in 1926 and this is the 1927 edition of  Later American Writers, Part Two (I wonder if I can find Part One --well I'm sure that Powell's or Abe books will have a copy) of Selections from American Literature, b y Leonidas Warren Payne, Jr --that is a name to grow into! Well there is a story by James Gibbons Huneker (1860-1921) called Poe and His Polish Contemporary. In this case Edgar Allen Poe's contemporary is Frederic Francois Chopin. They were both born in 1809, a month apart and died in October of 1849. I would have never thought to compare the two, or imagine them as friends --would you? Huneker states that his love of Poe came early in life, since his father had been a friend of Poe's in Philadelphia in the "roaring forties." The writer goes back and forth with the idea of what it would have been like if Chopin had come to New York (he had been on the verge of doing so in 1831) or if Poe had moved to Paris. To quote Huneker, There's a marvelous combination for you of fantasy, moonlight, rotten nerves, hasheesh, and alcohol!

Now what does this have to do with my new blog and shop ---absolutely  nothing! But I had to begin somewhere and fate stepped in with a most charming book!

So, welcome to my blog --stay a while and relax --I'll try not to bore you!

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Livy said...

Welcome to blogging. I just love history and old books, so this post was right up my alley. I had to go through a bunch of old yearbooks from the '20s and '30s earlier this year and it was fascinating. I loved them so much I posted pictures about it on my blog. Anyway, best of luck with your new blogging venture!

Rose said...

Thank you Livy...I love history too!

Helen said...

Nice blog. I think you are coming into it just fine.

I love history and old book too. I'm bookmarking you for future reading :)

Distressing Delilah said...

beautiful blog! love the banner!

Heather Buchanan said...

Fantastic beginning! Who needs all that "hi my name is and this is my blog." Just jumping right in there! Very interesting first entry.

EJPcreations said...

Such a great post! Two of my favs Chopin and Poe. I would have never put them together either, but once you do they fit wonderfully!

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