Beautiful Arizona!

Ok, I promise not to turn this into a travelogue for off-roading adventures....but....Arizona is so beautiful right now! If you knew how badly we damaged our FJ last weekend you would be amazed that we got it all put back together for our trip to Bulldog Canyon. DH did everything himself except the final alignment --he's such the engineer and can figure out anything! We didn't plan on going off-roading today, but friends called and it was going to be a beautiful, cool day, so off we went! I had planned on doing part I of my embroidery series, but will work on that beginning tomorrow. I can't wait to put it together and get you embroidering!

So here are my pictures of our off-roading adventure. As you can see we are in Bulldog Canyon. The wildflowers are covering all of the mountains. It was a kind of cloudy day, so the sun was casting shadows across the mountains and the clouds were so white against the blue sky.

Off-roading is such an adventure...sometimes too over-the-top for me and I have to get out and take pictures. I could have handled going over these rocks, but I knew the pictures would be pretty cool. 

Here is a Teddy Bear Cholla. You really don't want to get too close to this...sometimes it seems that the needles just jump out at you. They are very fine needles and so hard to get out. Plus, they have a residue on them which causes skin irritation.

This picture is absolutely awesome...the colors are so rich and vivid. See how green it is...can you believe that this is the desert? The rock formation in the next picture is called the Superstition Mountains. Within these mountains is the Lost Dutchman gold mine...people have been looking for this lost treasure for decades. We have hiked on the trails in that area, eight hours of rocky, up to 3,000 feet elevation and back down, worn out but exhilarated!

If you love off-roading and hiking come to Arizona and see all of the beauty! --but bring plenty of water and sunscreen!

And, Just in case you are worried about off-roading and the environment --we practice Tread Lightly and come back off every trail with a bag full of litter.

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Beadsme said...

Don't you just love exploring. Our plans for this Easter is to go off-roading in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia.

A Blond And A Torch said...

Your pictures are divine! Makes me want to get on the road right now!

Brandon said...

I love it! Makes me miss my Home State!

Thanks for commenting on my forum post on etsy. You have an beautiful Blog!

"thingsinstuff" on etsy

ThePeachTree said...

Oh, if only we could get those teleportation devices up and running! I want to be there!!

Scott Bulger Photography said...

Great post. The American southwest is a beautiful part of the country.

femputer said...

I love your wildflowers photo. And I could use some real sunshine! :D

prettypeardesigns said...

Thank you for looking at my blog. Love your stuff. We moved from Colorado to Wisconsin - hubby is an engineer with major car issues and loves to go off roading.

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